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Wireless Telecommunications Expertise
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DoublePort supplies professional telecom software and hardware teams on a contractual basis, to assist international companies in achieving their development goals.

DoublePort's experts are responsible for the development of award-winning technology and services, including a PC-based Wireless Emergency Response System, marine VHF to land PSTN unmanned switches, and drivers for many of the ISDN boards on the market today.

The DoublePort team deployed one of the first web hosting services in all of Canada, and as early as 1994 offered complex e-commerce solutions and hosting services that were second to none. In 1997 the team received Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Magazine's Systems Integrator of the Year Award.

DoublePort has supplied architectural and development teams for industry-leading wireless projects.  Leading firms in the fields of finance, international telecommunication, defence contracting and remote sensing, have sought the expertise and guidance of the development team at DoublePort for over a decade.



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Wireless Telecommunications Expertise

Wireless Telecommunications Software and Hardware Expertise