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Wireless Telecommunications Expertise
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DoublePort can help get your project to the finish line on time and within budget.

Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, just East of Maine, DoublePort offers U.S. companies complete project architecture services, from planning, development and deployment, to individual contractor work.

Our nearly identical lifestyle and culture ensure that your software systems projects are undertaken and delivered with your business rules, objectives and goals in mind.

The DoublePort  team has developed a very powerful “push engine” which we have dubbed KnowledgePort.  Utilizing open systems architecture, advanced parsing and client input Boolean operations, very specific information can be “pushed”, in near real time, to individual users, tailored to unique, client input requirements.

Applications of KnowledgePort are virtually limitless incuding defense applications, national security, financial news, weather alerts, transportation, and emergency response co-ordination, to name but a few.


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Wireless Telecommunications Expertise

Wireless Telecommunications Software and Hardware Expertise